Newburyport MA – My Favorite Place To Walk The Dog

I’ve Got A Big Dog

A very, very big boy who loves to run and play. Ben, my Bouvier des Flanders is getting older.  He has two replaced hips and loves to run the beach. Unfortunately, the sand causes him to end up not being able to climb stairs next day. 🙁

Newburyport MA My Favorite Place To Walk The Dog Details

In search a good place to let him roam in the Newburyport area that is a bit on the rural side and close to home I have found a great spot.  As you head to Plum Island from Newburyport, just before your hit the bridge & before the entrance to the parking lot,  there is a right hand turn that brings you a very short distance off the road.  You can park and wander through the marsh for as far as you can see.

Be sure that you wear your rubber boots! 


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