Newburyport Public School Shake Up and the upcoming vote

Reason to vote no on 1 and 3 was published by Daily News on May 30, 2012 and discusses Newburyport Public School Shake Up and the upcoming vote .

If schools are newer & bigger does this ensure quality? How will this new school situation benefit all the people of Newburyport?  Do you have an opinion?  I would love to here from you…

Excerpt of “Reason To Vote No On 1 And 3 “

To the editor:

Voters should vote no on ballot questions No. 1 and 3:

No. 1, new Bresnahan three-story monolith for 750 children, plus teachers, administration personnel, maintenance; and No. 3, senior/community center. The funds for a new Bresnahan are estimated at $38.8 million, $18.3 million of that free from the state, a fixed sum. The senior/community center part of the bond amount is $6.5 million, to be raised by you, the taxpayer.

The sum of $27 million, $13.6 million free from the state, is for Nock School renovations.

Total bond is $40.3 million, payable in future by you, your children, grand- and great-grandchildren.

Stop the hoopla of “free funds never to come again if passed up now.” Not true. The MSBA says so. And more hoopla, “it’s all for better education for the children.”This gift horse needs to look into its mouth it has shaky teet

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