Newburyport Home Buyers Add Houseplants For Cleaner Air

Want cleaner air in your Newburyport home?  Newburyport Home Buyers should consider these top 10 houseplants for cleaner air.

How Many Plants For Your Newburyport Home?

One plant should be allowed for approximately 10 sq.yards of floor space with ceiling heights of 8-9 feet.  So 2-3 plants would contribute to good air quality in an average living room of about 20 sq. yards.

What Type Of Plants For Your Newburyport Home?







This is the Areca Palm is also known as the Butterfly Palm.  The Areca palm is found     in sub-tropical and tropical climates.  Lives well under average home conditions.







The Reed Palm, this small palm thrives in shady indoor spaces and often produces flowers and small berries.









The Swarf Date Palm, likes partial shade to full sun, but local climate must be taken into account when deciding where to place.








Boston Fern








The Janet Craig is among the most popular plants used in interiorscapes because of their beauty, versatility and tolerance to low light.









The English Ivy , Australian Sword Fern & Peace Lilly.







   Rubber Plant & Weeping Fig.

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