Newburyport MA Condo Property Sales Statistics For 2nd Quarter 2013

The Newburyport MA condo property sales statistics for 2nd quarter 2013 below detail statistics on average prices, listing volume, and marketing time frames for the previous several years. Average selling prices offer valuable details about the condition of the real estate market, particularly when … [Read more...]

Newburyport MA Condo Real Estate Market Report For Full Year 2012

Average condo prices rose in Newburyport in 2012! Newburyport is a desirable place to live and condos are available close to the waterfront. The Newburyport MA condo real estate market report for full year 2012 in this blog detail figures for the last several years. Condo Property Home Sales for … [Read more...]

Newburyport MA 3rd Quarter Condo Home Sales Overview

The Newburyport MA 3rd quarter condo home sales overview can be found below and includes information for the previous several years. Condo Real Estate Sales for Newburyport MA 3rd Quarter Average Sale Price The average price in Newburyport MA for the 3rd quarter decreased -4.69% from $337,368 (in … [Read more...]